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Cancer ~ June 22-July 22

This month, we are celebrating the zodiac sign of Cancer! These individuals lead highly-organized, family-oriented, fun & active lifestyles, and we are sharing some tips and tricks on how to make their homes a reflection of those traits. The ideal Cancer house is a well-balanced space that offers the best of both worlds – Peace & Quiet meets Energy & Fun…Cozy & Kid-Friendly meets Minimalistic & Monochromatic…The struggle is REAL, but DV Design is here to help. Read on, crab babies, and enjoy.


Umm…HOT TREND ALERT, and some major creative innovation points to the brands currently making the DV Design Must-Have List…Customizable aroma diffusers that integrate into your HVAC system! A clean-smelling house 24/7? Yes, Cancer, your dreams have come true.

Does The Label-Maker Need A Label? 

It’s no secret that Cancers thrive in a clean (as in…spotless) environment. These emotional beings find inner peace and harmony by blasting some Spotify and cleaning for hours. That can be because their homes often seek to find the balance between extreme minimalism and sentimental hoarding – lucky for us, there IS a way to achieve a happy medium. The key to a Crab household is O R G A N I Z A T I O N! We’re talkin’ shoe baskets at the front door (no germs allowed in a Cancer pad), label-makers (no, not joking…), and an obvious, logical place for every little thing. They may keep birthday cards from kindergarten…but let me tell you, they’re likely in a box called “Birthday Cards”, and certainly not collecting dust. We love IKEA for Cancer projects, as there are so many storage solutions, containers, and clean-lined, minimalistic furniture for our baby crabs to gush over. Can everything in one space be white and grey? Cancers will say yes, and we’d have to agree.


Cancers make lists for just about everything…so it’s no surprise their home should welcome you in with one at the entry, right?. Check out this balanced, labeled, and perfectly-dusted foyer…Swoon! We love the clean-lines and simple color palette in this interior space.


For a Cancer household, we insist on using Perennials fabrics EVERYWHERE! This stain-resistant, pet-resistant, and basically life-resistant material comes in every color under the sun and can be used for drapery, sofas, headboards, dining chairs, you name it!

Family is Errythang 

The Cancer home is a tight-knit one, where friends are always welcome (for like, two hours…). These nurturing homebodies adore an interior that radiates comfort, where kids and pets can curl up and cuddle all day long (3 hour nap, anyone?). However, comfy DOES NOT equal messy (see the section above). Sure, the Cancer family is probably made up of six kids, four dogs, and a few cats, but clean and quiet is still the goal. So, how do we achieve this via design? Architecturally-speaking, an open floor plan with plenty of living areas is key, and in a perfect world…bedrooms would be private, separate, and far enough away from the noise of the rest of the home. Yes, cancers will spend most of their time and energy cooking, cleaning, and playing board games with their loved ones, but a sacred space to rest and recharge is paramount to their happiness (especially when they’re in one of their “crabby” moods).


Spacious and Simple is the name of the game. A big kitchen with plenty of seating for the fam, white walls, and a kid-proof concrete floor. Can we just appreciate for a second that perfectly-trained pet making a cameo? Yep, this is most definitely a Cancer interior.


Can anyone be more active than a Cancer?! Brains AND Bodies are ON with this efficient duo. Cardio meets Conference Calls…Workout While You Work… exercise equipment (by Nordic Track) to keep these active peeps on top of their to-do lists. Hello Summer 2017!

Gettin’ Some Action

Cancers are known for their active, fun-filled lifestyles, and their homes should therefore be a place that inspires action! From sun-up to sun-down, the Cancer person is on the go…morning hikes with a friend, walking the dog, driving the kids to school, swinging by the juice bar (oh, and that’s all before 9 am…). A well-designed Cancer home will have an organized work area, a home gym or Pilates nook, and lots of natural light for those early morns. Efficiency is highly important for these notorious to-do-listers, so invest in those motion-sensor lights, roomba vacuum, and smart-home technologies…That’ll leave our Cancers some wiggle room in their busy schedules to pencil in things like “Family 5K on Saturday” or “Volunteer at Animal Shelter Tomorrow”. Athletic & Energetic, I think we all kinda want to be more like a Cancer.


Who needs coffee when the sun is your wake-up call? Cancers love that early-morning grind. For an indoor/outdoor vibe, we recommend open windows, no curtains, and plenty of greenery and botanicals all around. Let that inspiration shine on in!

“DV Design not only designed my home’s interiors, but in doing so, captured the essence of who I am as a person. Giving me endless storage options and a streamlined design in every room without compromising coziness, I am so happy and grateful for Diana’s talent, and my spaces now reflect my innermost needs.”  –Our Favorite Cancer Client, Boise, ID

  • Veronica

    Love, Love, Love this post! Diana did a fantastic job on two different spaces of mine. She hit the mark in all categories and really gave me what I needed for my residences in both Los Angeles and Boise. This blog post on Cancers is spot-on and she provided that comfy, yet clean environment in both of my homes. She is so dedicated to her job, and will cater to your every need. Highly recommend DV Design!

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