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Leo ~ July 23-August 22

ROAR! It’s Leo Season guys, and we are so excited to share some insider pro-tips for creating the perfect dens. These lions and lionesses are the most confident, fearless, and energetic of people, who value romance, independence, and a fun-filled social life. Leos are fire signs, ruled by the Sun, and represented by the Lion. So what does this mean? Fiery (aka hot-tempered), sunny and bright (just watch them light up every room they walk into!), and fiercely strong and passionate. Let’s dive in and discover how these characteristics can translate into the design of a Leo home!


Ain’t no party like a Leo party, and a Leo party is full of luxury, laughter, and liquor.

Welcome to the FUN-gle 

As we all know, the zodiac symbol for our beloved Leo is the Lion. King of the Jungle, commanding attention everywhere he goes and radiating confidence and pride…the Leo person is unquestionably fierce and inspiring. But how is this conveyed in their homes? Firstly, there is an absolute need to accommodate the many social gatherings Leo will inevitably host. Leos find true happiness when surrounded by friends and family, as they were born with the natural ability to lead a group and entertain. And in terms of their unabashed confidence and charisma, it is important to remember that the Leo home must continuously inspire confidence and reflect the owner’s interests and desires…Quite literally speaking, there is no such thing as an excess of mirrors in the Leo’s abode, nor should it be surprising to see self-portraits, awards, and/ or motivational quotes as their wall decor. In summary, a home that exudes confidence and fun will always belong to a Lion. Confi-dens, if you will.


Repped by the Lion? Ruled by the Sun? How ’bout this Sunburst Mirror for the best of both worlds?


Tropical Banana Trees aside a gold metallic door… We’ve entered Leo-land.

Leos Will Follow the Sun

Leos are ruled by the Sun, and therefore have a tendency to gravitate towards warm tones, natural lighting, and fiery, bold decor. Reds, oranges, and yellows are a staple for the Leo palette, extending to their homes, closets, and even cars. Amber hues and Earth’s other defining colors of the Fall season are commonly used when selecting paint, pillows, accessories, candles, and more. Gold is especially effective for a Leo interior, as it can quickly contribute drama and luxury – two things adored by a Leo person. Additionally, open windows that allow excessive natural light in (meaning sheer-to-no window treatments) help to stimulate and energize these sun-lovers. Lastly, to balance out the intensity and warmth of these Fire signs, it is essential to ground the Leo home with the other elements – namely, Earth and Water. The use of live plants and water features can really bring these Lions the yin to their yang.


A dramatic way to add that Leo touch of luxury? Try Phillip Jeffries new Cities of Gold II wallpaper collection, metallic designs crafted using real gold.


Leos don’t have bedrooms, they have boudoirs…beautiful escapes from the real world.

Burn Baby, Burn

Fire, Romance, Passion! Leos are notoriously spicy and sensual, with effortless sex appeal. The bedrooms of their homes are always a priority, and should serve as private sanctuaries, where our Leos can retreat and recharge. Silky, sumptuous fabrics, luxurious textures, and ambient lighting are musts. If there is the opportunity to incorporate a fireplace, or simply candlelight, even better! Their bedrooms are the ideal spaces to apply those warm color palettes we talked about earlier, especially the more daring ones, like bold reds & burnt oranges. Decor-wise, we suggest colorful, avant-garde artwork, dramatic lighting, and cozy rugs and linens. Turn up the heat, fire babies.


Brass tapered candlesticks and a vase of ruby-toned florals…RH gives us the one-stop shop for Leo decor.

“I’ve been attempting to finalize my home decor for years, but it’s never felt truly complete until working with DV Design. Diana’s guidance for Leo-inspired design has brought me so much inner peace and satisfaction with my spaces.”

Our Favorite Leo Client, Denver, CO

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