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Libra ~ September 23-October 22

Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s Libra season! Libras, the Scales of the Zodiac, embody balance, romance, beauty, and peace. They are often quite regal and sophisticated, carrying themselves with grace and elegance, yet are not without an internal flame to spark a fight for what they believe in. These feminine souls are the zodiac’s peacemakers and nurturers, often prioritizing love and relationships over all else. Their homes absolutely MUST reflect their spirits – radiating beauty and dripping with glamour. Read on for this month’s designer pro-tips to learn a little bit about the zodiac sign nearest & dearest to me (as it is my own)…Libra.

libra interior design

A simple balcony with sophisticated details. Architectural elements such as arches can provide subtle hints of both femininity and symmetry, while bold black-and-white stripes add a flare of masculine drama. Note the Buddha bust, as our dear Libras constantly seek balance and spiritual grounding.

Romantique Chic

Libras value their relationships with others, whether family, friends, or lovers. Romance is of the utmost importance, as the Libra person simply wants to love and be loved. The Libra abode should encourage love and romance, whether it is via mood lighting (dimmer-switches, candlelight, you name it), framed photos (black & white, for that touch of yin-yang chic-ness), or simply luxury fabrics such as billowing window treatments or a canopy bed frame draped with organza sheers. Any opportunity to add luxe, romance, and regality should be taken advantage of! Our most favorite place in the home to add sensual drama is always the BALCONY. A total ode to the great love of Romeo and Juliet, any Libra will swoon over a romantic terrace, where two lovebirds can spend hours escaping the real world and enjoying each other (complete with silk bathrobes and cappuccinos, obviously). The addition of red roses, plush furniture, and even a Parisian-style bistro set will send Libra over the moon.

libra interior design

Nothing quite says romance like bouquets of roses, a sizzling fireplace, and a smoky crystal chandelier…We love the use of color, mood lighting (check out those sconces!), and Art-Deco ornamentation here. This space is every Libra’s dream.

libra interior

Does anything make more of a statement than H O T pink?! We think not. Add in that leaner mirror and there’s not a single person who’d walk past that entryway without pausing…Plus, it gives our fashion-loving Libras the perfect opportunity to admire those Louboutins or reapply their Dior #999.

Seven Seconds

It is said that a first impression is made within seven seconds, and that absolutely applies to the home as well. Libras’ awareness of this is ultra-heightened, as they genuinely care what others think of them, and how their homes, wardrobes, and even circle of friends are judged by the rest of the world. What is the first thing you see when you enter your house? Time yourself – Look around for seven seconds and ask yourself if your entry makes a show-stopping impression. The Libra entry provides a perfect opportunity to make a grand statement. A stunning art piece, a hand-carved mirror, a 20-foot long vintage runner… There are no limits here. Quick Tip – every Libra foyer needs a breathtaking chandelier. Think ‘What Would Audrey Hepburn Do’?  Furthermore, as the Scales, symmetry is non-negotiable (I repeat, non-negotiable!), and should be emphasized wherever possible. Wall sconces flanking a 1920’s gold-leafed mirror, decor duos, or simply the art of employing the Golden Triangle rule… Symmetry. Is. Key.

libra design

This photo is sending us into symmetry overload (in a good way)! Can you imagine the impression this view would make in just seven seconds? It is said that in design, everything looks better in threes, and we couldn’t agree more. Simply adore this breathtaking space.

libra closet

This closet 1000% exemplifies what a Libra’s ideal walk-in would look like. Shelving to display their perfumes and jewelry, shoes organized by ‘stilettos, mules, and espadrilles’, and plenty of space to play dress up…Swoon.

Closet Freak

Closets: The one space within the home that encompasses almost all of Libra’s passions…fashion, beauty, vanity and organization. A closet fit for a Libra is unlike most, as there are certain requirements needed in order to fulfill their vision. Firstly, ample space to give plenty of room for shoes, suits, purses, and coats. Secondly, lots of drawers, doors, and open shelving to satisfy their slight OCD tendencies (yes, their clothing will likely be color-coded and seasonally-displayed). Third, a touch of glam, luxury, and sexuality to set this space apart from the rest of their home – the Libran closet is often a sanctuary where Libras devote a good amount of time (maybe even more-so than their offices). A Mongolian fur chaise lounge, an oversized leaner mirror, velvet hangers, and most definitely a chandelier…et voila, you have created the perfect Libra closet.

libra closet

It’s no surprise that this inspiration photo comes from Chanel’s pop-up Parisian apartment inside Bergdorf’s, and it so fluently speaks the language of Libra. We love the idea of a vanity like this if you don’t have the space for a full walk-in closet, but still want to create a beautiful space to get ready. Bonus points if your closet is big enough to incorporate this look inside.

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