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Scorpio ~ October 23-November 21

Welcome to the water sign stationed at the heart of Autumn, getting us all ready to jumpstart the holidays…that’s correct people – we have officially entered magnetic Scorpio Season! Fellow Scorpios will attest to the personality dualities that make them total Scorpions,  like their mysteriousness contrasting their passionate-nature, or their self-determination opposing the desire for intense competition. Ruled by the feminine, yin planet of Mars, natives of this sun, moon, and rising sign are keen on one sole characteristic that unites their house: the drive for transformation. Constantly amidst an endless sea of change, fueled by their immense power deep below the surface and behind the guise of a calm exterior (keeping hidden what Scorpio is not yet ready to reveal), Scorpio is able to consistently transform without disclosing their innermost hopes and dreams. Read on to discover how to create spaces within Scorpios’ homes where they can run to for balance when they are experiencing the extreme highs and lows they are all too familiar with, or simply in need of a retreat from the world.


Paint it B L A C K! This trend is so hot right now, and design fanatics everywhere are gushing over the instant drama a bold palette like this brings. Of course, its October, and we’re all in the mood for some sexy, mysterious, and downright spooky vibes, so why not use this inspiration to make your spaces totally Scorpio-inspired!

Privacy, Please

This is no secret – Scorpio has a reputation that precedes itself for being the sign of the Zodiac that is notoriously known for darkness. This component of their zodiac make-up is actually NOT a bad quality at all for this fixed sign. Evaluating this characteristic from a positive perspective, Scorpio has the ability to look into their shadowy subconscious in order to take internal emotions and manifest them into the external actions. This can be a catch 22, though, seeing that it requires Scorpio to desire plenty of privacy to silence the outside world and unlock in the first place. Here’s where the design comes in…Dark color palettes can emit a sense of privacy, whether it comes from heavy window treatments with blackout linings, or thick, velvety materials in shades of black, sapphire/ultramarine, eggplant/plum, and even burnt amber hues. Pairing these schemes with strategically-placed ambient lighting can create a softly-illuminated, yet isolated-feeling environment. Further, oriental textiles with ornate rugs and pillows will bring a necessary exoticism to give the illusion of the outside world, despite the fact they are indoors. And let’s not forget that with the Libra cycle as it’s antecedent, Scorpios, too, require a sense of balance – whether it is industrial, brushed-metal furniture against billowing and luxurious draperies, or feminine accents paired with masculine elements…balance is key nonetheless.


Dark hues and dense heft, these velvety cotton panels are the perfect solution for when our beloved Scorpio craves a lil privacy. With the ability to transform a bright, open room filled with natural light into a moody cave-like retreat, window treatments are a must for anyone in need of an escape. Navy in color and a soft hand simply add to the sensualness of this gorgeous look.


Despite the lingering negative stigma surrounding the purpose of an altar, we like to think of them as dedicated spaces for positive meditation. An altar can be as simple as decorating the top of your nightstand in your bedroom with personal items that are special to you. Anything that gives you inspiration and good vibes! We love the incorporation of crystals to deepen your cosmic bond. OM…

Mind Altar-ing Experience

In this era of social media and technological necessity, reconnecting with nature and the universe is integral in achieving that work-leisure balance. Meditation corners created with the intention of escapism can help Scorpios in a variety of ways…from having a place to practice visualizations of their goals and desires to simply giving purpose to their lives by reversing any vestiges of creativity. Scorpio’s mission to transcend from the physical form into their higher self truly begins by learning to be grounded and fluid. If a meditation corner or personal altar is not practical, then having two types of alternative spaces is essential: one that is ultra open, to allow for them to be most receptive in bringing out positive characteristics (an outdoor space, for example), and another being a more private, dark space to ease them into being alone (the Master bedroom, for example). An altar with Eastern influences, an outdoor patio, or even a labyrinth with statues and a water feature will complement Scorpio’s deep mental complexities. Having sound resonate through wind chimes, bells, quartz crystal bowls, or a mini-gong to strike upon entering the space can help shift and release trapped energy within the Scorpio being. It’s trance and meditative qualities will help to soothe and bring about a much-needed sentiment of peace and harmony.


The en vogue trend right now is using quartz crystal singing bowls to ignite a pure and calming sound, effortlessly infusing relaxation into your home. The beauty is the reverberation not only around you, but within you. Our bodies are composed of a crystalline structure, and so the pitch triggers listeners into a meditative state almost instantaneously. Once you incorporate this life-changer into your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!


Nothing quite says sexy like exotic faux fur spilling over the edge of a four-poster canopy bed. Drop a chandelier (and put it on a dimmer-switch, obviously), and just like that you’ve created a beautiful boudoir. We’d Netflix & chill here anyday.

Bedroom Banter

“Sex sex sex!” – is usually, if not always, the name of the game with this passion-charged water sign. Sharing their most intimate space with only those whom are most special in their lives, it is almost an exclusive privilege to be invited to enjoy the eroticism and sensual radiance that is the Scorpio boudoir. The ambience of their bedrooms should allow for a place where they can truly unleash and showcase their  “shadow selves”, as it can take them a while to open up to people. The use of candles and lush textiles are exactly what Scorpio needs in order to express themselves sans inhibitions. And let us be clear…it’s not just physical manifestations that are enhanced in their bedrooms, but emotionally, Scorpio is more likely to divulge secrets and share dreams with their beloved in a well-designed suite…and who doesn’t want that quintessential pillow talk? Additionally, scents can be one of the key gateways to escapism for this sign. Finding an earthy, musky candle will calm and comfort Scorpio, versus making them feel rambunctious and agitated. 


What helps make Scorpio feel like they are in nature? This smoky wood, white oak, et Herbes de Provence soy candle does the trick! When it comes to feeling as though one is in tune with Mother Earth, scent-suality can help Scorpios unwind into a deep slumber or perhaps an evening romp.

[Post written in collaboration with the very talented Moj Mehr-Assa.]

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