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Virgo ~ August 23-September 22

Welcome to Virgo Season! We are now entering into the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac, and can’t wait to celebrate by diving into what makes a perfect Virgo interior. Virgos are natural-born intellects and analysts, yet have an affinity for creative pursuits and an eye for all things nature-inspired. The Virgo household is often an organized one, with practical furniture and minimalistic yet colorful decor. Virgos are Earth signs and ruled by Mercury, making them detail-oriented, logical, and downright hard-working people. Read below to discover a how to Design for Your Sign, and don’t miss our new Feng Shui bonus tip at the end!

Virgo Office

Simplistic & Minimalistic. This is the stuff Virgos’ dream offices are made of.

Productivity Meets Creativity

Let’s start with an area that is oftentimes considered a sacred space in a Virgo home… the home office! Our beloved Virgos are the perfect blend of intelligence and organization, and are highly career-oriented – What better place to capitalize on those qualities than a work space? The key here is to find a balance between simplicity and creativity. The Virgo person thrives off of a bright and inspiring desk area, however frivolous accessories and unkempt storage systems are major no-no’s. A great tip for the Virgo office is to make it as productive as possible, meaning built-in shelving units, closed-cabinetry and file drawers, and containers for all potentially-messy desk items. Like our Cancer friends, label-makers should be utilized in a Virgo space, as well. The trick is to still maintain the beauty here, despite the somewhat utilitarian concept, so maybe use a solid-colored, minimalistic desk and chair, but complement it with unique desk organizers or a bold floral arrangement in an organic-shaped vase.

Virgo office

Organizers, Bins, Containers… Oh My! You will never find a homeless desk accessory with a storage system like this.

Virgo Bath

Relax. Rejuvenate. Retreat. The Virgo Bath is the perfect place to unwind after those 14 hour workdays.

Soak It Up

Once those long workdays are over, it is important that Virgos power down and relax. This is why the Bathroom can be such an oasis in a Virgo home. Prone to stressful lives and anxiety, a Master Bath can soothe a Virgo soul, bringing them back to a place of calmness and relaxation. Though freestanding tubs are ideal for soaking and unwinding, a simple shower bench would suffice as well, giving Virgos a place to get off their feet and meditate for a moment. Bathrooms are often a place of self-love, where you are at your most vulnerable and pure, and can be alone with your own thoughts. The Virgo Bath should not be overlooked – Nature-inspired materials like a river rock shower floor, jute bath mats, or bamboo-fiber towels are paramount in these spaces, connecting Virgo to their guiding element (Earth) and reminding them to stay grounded. Even adding in a crystal like Amethyst will encourage natural stress relief…Check out this article about Bathing With Crystals:

Virgo Bath

Can’t slip away for a tub soak? Try adding serene art pieces to your bathroom for a mentally-relaxing effect.


Despite the Virgo tendency to want modern lines and minimalism, the introduction of an organic, natural wood piece with lots of knots and texture is the perfect way to soften a space and celebrate the original designer – Mother Nature.


We’ve touched on it a little bit, but Virgos are often huge nature lovers. Any chance to bring the outdoors in will always be appreciated in their spaces. Big, open windows with lush landscaping and vegetation is the easiest way to make a Virgo feel at home. Window treatments are not necessary if what’s beyond the pane is gorgeous and inspiring to look at! If, architecturally, this concept is not possible, there will need to be a focus on how to incorporate plant life in the interiors. Always, always, always use real plants for a Virgo, as they are big believers in the fact that you can’t fake nature, and why would you want to anyways? Being an Earth sign, the use of plants and botanicals is a surefire way to satisfy their earthy tastes. Whites, greens, and brown colors will maintain that natural palette Virgos so love, but pops of color give a much-needed dose of raw vibrance. Wood can also be a great material to blend in, especially those live-edge furniture pieces that are so in right now.

nana wall

What’s better than windows? How about a NanaWall, where you can slide the entire wall out of the way and fuse your indoors with the outdoors.

There are many factors that play into Feng Shui, but a quick and easy way to introduce this concept in the Virgo home is to incorporate anything and everything “earthy”. This means paint colors in earth-tones, real plants, earthenware pots and planters, etc. Another element that should be employed is Metal. Being ruled by Mercury, don’t shy away from designing with silver/metallic decor – candle holders, picture frames, or simply decorative objects.

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