Design For Your Sign

Gemini ~ May 21-June 21

This month, we invite you into the mind (or minds…) of a Gemini! This Air Sign thrives on duality, socializing, and versatility. For all of our Gemini readers, read on to discover how to enhance your home and create the perfect surroundings to bring out your favorite Gemini qualities. For all of our Gemini lovers/ enthusiasts, join us in exploring the key ways to making your spaces more Gemini-friendly and Gemini-inspired.

Eclectic & Symmetric


As we all know, Gemini’s are the “Twins” of the zodiac, and therefore adore duality. When designing their most ideal space, it is important to remember to incorporate pairs. Whether we’re talking core furniture, lighting, or décor (and ideally even architecture), the Gemini eye will appreciate the visual of twos. Now, symmetry for a Gemini doesn’t always mean PERFECT balance as it does for our fellow Libra readers. Gemini symmetry isn’t “matchy-matchy”, it is what we like to call “Eclectic & Symmetric”.

Home Is Where the Party Is

Designing for a Gemini is really very easy if you remember this one thing: Gemini’s LOVE socializing! When you entertain as much as a Gemini does, it is essential that your space(s) allow for long conversations, large parties, and lots of fun. Conversation pieces and décor (eclectic, funky and travel-inspired ones preferred) provide the perfect jumping-off point for what is sure to be an intriguing discussion. Additionally, ample seating is a must for the many friends and family members that attend Gemini’s frequent Sunday BBQs & brunches. Geminis will often try to revolve as many rooms as they can around a TV…so make sure entertainment areas are a top priority. The Gemini home is always ready for a party…and you’re sure to be invited!

Vivacious & Versatile

The ever-changing mind of a Gemini requires a highly-versatile home. Their dual-personalities and creative nature cause them to tire easily of their surroundings, making multi-purpose furniture, flexible and re-arrangeable pieces, and moveable décor the perfect solution to satisfying whatever mood they’re in. The Gemini pendulum often swings from independent adult to carefree child, creating the need to complement both potential personalities via design. The childlike side calls for lots of storage and organization options, as the Gemini household can become quickly cluttered amongst the everyday responsibilities of this active adult.

“If it weren’t for the ‘Design For Your Sign’ tips and tricks, my home would have never felt as perfect for me as it does now. With Diana’s insight, my spaces reflect my personality in ways I didn’t even know were possible.”  –Our Favorite Gemini Client, Marina Del Rey, CA

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